Singer Oxlade's manager Ojah Bee in critical condition following recent arrest by police


Popular artiste Oxlade’s manager, Ojah bee is in critical condition after arrest by the police.

The star’s manager was arrested during a peaceful protest in Lagos.

Oxlade noted on social media that the government has failed the youths in the country.

Different cases of assault and brutality have been reported in some parts of the country since the youths in Nigeria started the End SARS campaign, and there have also been cases of illegal arrests as well.

One of those who got arrested was singer Oxlade’s manager identified as Ojah bee.

Oxlade recently took to social media to talk about the injury inflicted on his manager. The injury sustained by his manager was the aftermath of his arrest even though he was protesting peacefully on the streets of Lagos

In the post which he shared on Twitter, Oxlade mentioned that his manager now has a swelling in his brain.

Sharing the post, the singer said:

“My brother has a swelling in his brain thanks to the Nigerian Police. Thank you nigerian government for failing the youth”.

The music star also mentioned that the Nigerian government has failed the youths. Oxlade’s post generated a cry for justice as well as empathy from his fans.

Meanwhile, previously reported that the manager’s aged mother was slapped across the face by a police officer when she went in search of her son at the station where he was taken to after his arrest.

In a Twitter video shared by Ojah Bee’s sister, Tolu, their mother decried the treatment she received simply because she came to the station in search of her son.

She painfully vowed that the officer who slapped her would face the full wrath of the law for the unjust treatment. A close look at her face showed the impact of the slap on her cheek.



The police are so heartless,
How can you slap someone’s aged mother…
May that person never live long enough to profit from their kids.
That police man will die a terrible dollar.


They have tortured Ojah Bee.
We are going to sue them at amnesty international… They are going to pay.


Oxlade should sue that police that slapped his manager’s mother and make sure he spends a long time in jail.


If anyone has the name and number of the police man please drop it let us pray for him ogunically.


my prayers are with Ojah bee as I wish him a successful operation.
and may God punish the police that slapped his mother.


May God judge them all.


Serves you right, next him and his mother will stay away from protests


Your father will die in the hands of protesters.
Iffa catch you walahi your own don finish


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