SARS scrapping first step in police reform, Buhari addresses protesters


The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has said that the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad is the first step in reforming the Nigeria Police Force.

He said this in a video uploaded on his Twitter handle on Monday.

He said, “I will like to use this opportunity to say a word on the recent genuine concerns and agitations by Nigerians about the excessive use of force and in some cases extra-judicial killings and wrongful conduct of the men of the Nigerian Police Force.

“The disbanding of SARS is only the first step in our commitment to extensive police reforms in order to ensure that the primary duty of the police and other law enforcement agencies remains the protection of lives and livelihood of our people.”


Was he the one that scrapped them?
This man is just using us to catch cruise.


I think the new protest now should be #Buharimustresign.

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Buhari is doing his best.
He just scrapped SARS.
I personally think he’s working.

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He’s not even the one that gave the announcement on TV he’s not working.
He must go.

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Why must people show themselves all the time?

We are talking about Buhari and yu are talking about selling clothes.

Buhari is doing well :yum:

I said yesterday that removing SARS is going to do more harm than good.
Don’t reform them requip them.

Wait ooo
Shey yu na SARS official?
Yu just dey do wetin go make people swear for you.

Someone should please help me with facebook account of three years :pray:

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Up NEPA!!!

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